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  • US Secret Service
  • Microsoft
  • Sandia

    Our company was established in the beginning of 2003 in Seattle ,USA. We are producing high-quality science-intensive imaging products.

    Our background
    We are a development team of graduated specialists (in the area of image processing) with an average experience of 5 years in the shareware industry. That's what makes us able to provide you with best services.

    Our mission is very simple and concrete. We are not looking to solve the problem of hunger or make the world a better place. Yes, we all want to make our world better, but it's not the goal of our company! Our only mission is to help our customers in their business, giving them competitive privileges with our software. Each one of our customers becomes our partner.

    Our business model can be described in three words: business customer-oriented. We have the highest-qualification development team and business contacts with a lot of developers and scientific institutions from all over the world, therefore, being able to develop powerful products. And our main focus is customer care. For us, the customer care means not only the premium support. Our goal is to help our partners in all aspects of their business when it deals with digital imaging. Most of our marketing force is concentrated in the customer care department - communicating with our partners we learn their needs and create customized solutions. Since we have a lot of partners with similar needs, we create full-featured commercial products to distribute among our partners and then all over the world.

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